Let's Build That MVP

Getting that minimum viable product out the door is one the most crucial things for your business. Launch and iterate quickly.
Front-End Development
UX/UI or User Experience/User Interface is probably one of the most important aspect to your app or website. Front End development is the skill that is needed to mold that into what's best for your user. Simplistic design is best, clean and simple for the user to be able to navigate through and use your product as intended without any explanation.
WordPress powers over 25% of the internet, with websites,blogs, eCommerce stores and even web apps. WordPress is great for getting your product up running and out the door. Depending on the needs of your project, WordPress can serve you for a very long time. It's easy to update and maintain. WordPress is the defacto way to run any eCommerce store.
WordPress Consulting
WordPress Consulting
A web app is when your product is more than a website. You have many users that log in, pay a monthly subscription and the web app does something very specific. With web apps you can have the app built and have separate applications interact with it, like mobile apps and desktop apps. The web app acts as the central hub for everything else to connect to. Allowing users the ability to connect with your product from where ever they want not just the browser.